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What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?

Of course, once upon a time I had an army of minions, well subjects anyway. To be clear, they were my fathers' army but they would have done anything for me. If I had them now I would instruct them to hunt down the evil faerie who cast me into this enchanted world and force her to return me to my beloved home and people.

Relax, Try a Bonsai Garden
~Beauty had almost time to reflect on how gallant a knight Hal was in tending to her before the next wave of horrid stabbing pains had taken them both. She had taken the next opportunity to suggest that they leave while they still could.

Now they sit in a dark recess of the outermost building in the city. She is completely exhausted from the now relentless pain, knowing he must be the same and she has never missed the comforting touch of her mother so clearly as now. She turns to Hal and opening her mouth to speak gives instead a piercing scream which reverberates off of each bull and building. The cause of the scream is evident as small green shoots erupt from her midsection, chest and even her open throat. The scream is replaced by choking and gagging as with a desperation that none have been witness to before she grabs hold of the quickly growing stalk and tears it from her throat. The screaming is back, along with a spattering of blood. She looks to Hal, knowing what she will see but hoping with that small glimmer of optimism she still clings to that he may somehow have escaped the worst of the punishment.~

Out of the Frying Pan, Into Dis
~When Lilah releases her hold Beauty has every intention of making a hasty retreat back into the garbage piles of 7. She has never wanted to seek attention in this place and Lilah's scheme of strolling into a city populated by demons strikes her as being slightly mad. It is not an uncommon condition here and she thinks no worse of her for it but neither does she intend to subject herself to it. But even as she climbs to her feet, she finds herself launching her entire body at Lilah slamming into her and throwing them both over the edge. They roll and tumble and bump down the steep precipice and Beauty finds she has turned into a spitting, clawing, kicking creature who seems intent on inflicting as much trauma on herself and Lilah as she can manage. She is reviled by her own violent actions, calling out even as she inflicts the damage.~

I'm Sorry. ~A yank and she tosses away a fistful of hair.~ I beg your forgiveness. ~A shriek as she claws at Lilah's face.~

And Lilah is certainly fighting back. She can feel the skin bleeding, the bruises forming, one ankle is throbbing and her head is pounding. She finally falls back and to her surprise, realizes that Lilah has ceased as well.~

Application to Divine rpg
Name:Laura K. Bash
Age: [42]
LJ Account: na
Email: [magpiedreams@aol.com]
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Name: Beauty
Age: 16
Double dates:
1191 - 1307
Canon: [The Sleeping Beauty authored by Charles Perrault, book]
Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeping_Beauty

Form a string of adjectives: beautiful,sweet,innocent,spoiled,lithe,slender,delicate,graceful,timid, guileless,vain,regal,haughty,kind,thoughtless,musical,inquisitive,polite

What are your strengths?:
Some days, I am not at all certain that I have any strengths whatsoever. Beauty, grace, wit, dance, song and instrumentation are the only means of my survival in this hellish nightmare. Sometimes they are enough to get me through-other times they pale.

You might think that, being a princess, my life would be perfect. I would be perfect. Perhaps in REAL life I am-but not in this dream world.

I have come to the conclusion that the greatest disservice a parent can do for a child is to provide their every need. In this place I was totally ineffectual for some time as I knew how to do nothing for myself. It takes time to learn any task and I was too slow or to unskilled to please anyone. As if you could please anyone here.

I am not good with pain and even after all this time I find myself weeping from it when I think there is no one to see. The palms of my hands are constantly raw and burning and I must remind myself it is not royal to scream and moan.

I think that perhaps my greatest weakness here is in my tender nature. There is so much suffering here and when I first arrived I was compelled to show kindness. I quickly learned that the smallest kindness here is met with disgust and returned with behavior far less than kind. I have tried to learn to be blind, deaf, unfeeling-but it goes against my nature and has become part of my torment.

How did you fall down the Rabbit Hole?:
I remember everything that happened on my wedding day as all happy brides do I imagine. I was awoken from the pleasantest of dreams to an even more pleasant sight-the most handsome and engaging young man kneeling before me. He was of course a prince-my prince-the one fated to break my long enchanted sleep. How we spoke of our joy in each other and the world before us for it seemed to us as if no power could disrupt our delight.

After some time of this I was informed by some of my bolder ladies that they mayhap wished to break their fast of 100 years. So the cooks set to and there was the most sumptuous banquet with musicians and tumblers and bards for entertainment. When the feast was concluded, I retired to my chamber intending to dress in my best gown while my prince went to fetch the Lord Almoner to perform our marriage ceremony. I had my two favourite ladies to lace my gown, dress my hair and clasp my jewels. Dear Mopsy, my spaniel, played at my feet and sounded her own happy voice.

At last it was time to go to the chapel and dismissing my ladies I moved through the corridor for I wanted time to be alone with my thoughts. Normally my ladies would protest for it is unseemly for a princess to go unattended. They were however, full of their own thoughts.

So I was on my own, nearing the chapel when around the corner came a woman tall and thin, a pinched face and long fingers which she pointed at me. She started telling me that I could not cheat her magic in this way and she would send me to a nightmare from which there is no awakening. I wanted very badly to cry out, to call my prince to my side but the world was becoming hazy and I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes or my thoughts focused. I struggled against her with all my might but felt myself slipping into somewhere far from my own reality. I could not say how long I was unaware but the next memory I have is of being roughly shaken by hands that were dry, leathery and sharp against my skin. When my eyes at last opened I found myself in The Mines of the Greedy.

Did you possess any supernatural or superhuman ability or advantage? How are you coping with its loss?:
I have only the abilities which God saw fit to ensure for me and have never wished the chance to work magics of any kind.

What Level of Hell have you been damned to and why?:
When I first came to this place I was told I was in The Mines of the Greedy which I felt compelled to point out was not a picturesque name for a town. I did not understand then why they found my observation so amusing.

I do not know why the old faerie sent me here. Perhaps she felt I was spoiled or perhaps she was still angry with my parents. Myself, I think she is simply evil and incapable of allowing anyone else happiness so she has locked me into this nightmare world at the mercy of her enchantment.

How did you escape your native Level's punishment?:
The sudden manner of my arrival seemed not to trouble the demons at all. They closed about me laughing, jeering, making comments that were quite unseemly. They walked right up to me looked me straight in the eye and shoved a metal spear on a wooden handle into my hands. They pressed their hands against my back(their touch is like a thicket of brambles)then pushed me into a dark cave like entrance.

They growled at me to dig amd what else was there to be done? Naturally I thought we were mining for gold or gems with so many of us crammed together and everyone working so franticly. But to my horror I soon discovered that we were not mining for gems at all but human limbs. Not whole bodies even but limbs severed from the whole. I recoiled, not wanting to touch such a thing. When I earnestly suggested that this treasure should be given a proper burial everone just stared at me with a look of disbelief. The creatures began barking orders and poking workers with axes so that everyone began to work furiously-everyone but me. I persisted with my entreaty of charity and decency untill the demons threw up their scaly hands and walked further into the mines.

So I tried to make the best of what I have now determined is an odious dream. I did my best to help those in distress and keep a cheerful countenance, for a princess must lead by example. Each time the demons would retreat growling and grinding their teeth, stamping back down into the mines. Not that I was never punished for my behavior, but as I have noted kindness is a failing of mine. One day as I was trying to suggest an unguent for the wounds we all seem to suffer on our hands the demons began speaking to each other in low voices. Soon they were asking me what was my name and why was I there while they searched for my name in an enormous book. At length they passed a look between them and informed me that there had been a huge mistake and I should be working on another level. I was free to leave the Mines and it was stressed that I need never return. It was probably cowardly of me to leave those other poor souls behind but I was glad to leave the stench and press of all those bodies. Surely something better awaits outside the Mines.

How do you deal with the permanent after-effects of your Level?:
When you are a princess, you are taught that appearance is everything. What you wear, how your hair is dressed, the way you move and speak all convey who you are and what your place is in the world. I had hardly been in this place any time at all before my hands had become a mass of cuts, scrapes and punctures. Everything in the Mines is sharp and cutting from the walls of the mines themselves to the tools and even the tongues of those who oversee the work. Once I had left the Mines behind I waited for my hands to heal, bathing them in any water I could find, but even after all this time they remain raw and bleeding. I do my best not to look at them or have them be seen by others. I often keep them clasped behind me and am loathe to touch anything with them. They are a constant reminder that nothing here is truly mine to order and only in waking from the dream can I find relief.

PROCLAMATION: Be it known that Beauty, Princess and heir to the kingdom has gone missing from the castle on the eve of her marriage. The prince is searching the kingdom high and low and is offering a reward for her safe return to the castle.

RP Account: beautysleep4
PB: Emmy Rossum
(*)Write a sample entry:
~Though she is an optomistic person by nature, there are times when Beauty despairs of never leaving this nightmare behind. Never seeing her beloved prince or her little Mopsy or any of her retainers again. This is one of those times. Now she trudges on, grateful to have left the Mines behind her but having no idea where she is headed and now she is beginning to get a toothache. Where does one find an apothecary she thinks to herself.~

(*)Write a sample comment:
*She watches the woman moving vaguely in her direction. The stranger is not moving extremly well, Beauty cannot discern from this distance whether she is suffering symptoms akin to her own or something quite different. As ill as she feels she is unable to simply ignore this woman's distress.*

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